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| Number 183    February 2021 |

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The Twenty-First Century Review
Cultural China Reconsidered: Retrospect and Prospect
The Modern Evolutions and Significance of the Idea of “China” and the Construction of “Cultural China”
Xu Guo-qi
What Civilization Does the People’s Republic of China Represent? Samuel P. Huntington’s “The Clash of Civilizations” Reconsidered
Peng Guo-xiang
The Future of “New China” Revisited: A Study in Twenty-First-Century Sinophone Fiction
Song Ming-wei
Research Articles
Revisiting the Nature and Transition of the Qing Empire: The Perspective of Political Rights
Wang Quan-wei
Frontier Education, Cultural Network, and the Expansion of State Power: A Case Study of Sipsongpanna in the Sino-Japanese War (1935-1945)
Zhang Meng-ting
The Origins and Consequences of the Mongolian Cyrillic Reform in Inner Mongolia during the Early Period of the People’s Republic of China
Duan Shi-xiong
The Formation and Development of the “Opposition Party Issue” in 1950s’ Taiwan: An Analysis from the Cross-boundary Perspective
Jen Yu-te
View on the World
Shaping the Invisible: The Journey of Artistic Creation in the COVID-19 Era
Zhong Biao
Discourses and Peripatetic Notes
Whoever Care about the Well-being of the People Shall be Deified: On the “Separation of Church and State” Discourse in Chinese Academic Contexts
Hung Tak-wai
Book Reviews
Using Event History Approach in Historical Research: A Review on Feng Zhi-yang, A Study on the Rescue of Refugees during the Boxer Rebellion (1900)
Ma Jin-sheng
A Testing Ground of the Socialist State: A Review on Liu Yan-wen, Revolution, Collectivism, and Modernization in China: A Case Study of the Yintao Water Conservancy Project in Gansu Province
Ruan Qing-hua
Tripartite Interactions
From the Editor’s Desk