Vision & Goals

Biotechnology high-lysine rice . Establishment of gene chip technology for gene discovery.Seed bioreactor system to generate high value pharmaceutical proteins.

To maintain and further develop the already established academic leadership in this field, IPMBAB is strengthening the partnership with the Mainland counterparts while extending a global international collaboration network. About eight years ago, team members of IPMBAB was among the first group of Hong Kong scientists who initiated close and deep collaborations with important agricultural institutes in China (such as China Hybrid Rice Center led by the 'father of hybrid rice' Prof. Longping Yuan, The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Yangzhou University) and more recently with the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a top plant biology research institute in China. As a demonstration of important international partnership, project of IPMBAB is a component of the ProVitaMinRice Consortium in the Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

IPMBAB will be a hub to cluster expertise and establish research networks. Targeting important national and international plant biology and agricultural issues, the Institute positions herself as a key internationalized research institute in China. The establishment of IPMBAB should serve as a good example to position Hong Kong as an important, advanced, and internationalized city of China, taking advantages of the expertise resources gathered in Hong Kong as well as her infrastructure and international networks while working hand-in-hand with the China counterparts.