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Chinese Version 
                                                                                          28 September, 1998 
CUHK Establishes N P H Research Fund and 
Starts Research Collaboration with Harvard Medical School 
and Beijing Medical University on Chinese Medicine

       The Chinese Medicinal Material Research Centre (CMMRC) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has received a donation from the N P H International (Holdings) Limited to establish the N P H research fund.  The fund aims at supporting the research of Chinese Medicine by CMMRC, and research collaboration with the Centre for Alternative Medicine Research (CAMR) of Harvard Medical School and Beijing Medical University (BMU).

       Professor Paul But, Director of CMMRC and Professor Lin Zhibin of BMU went to Harvard Medical School to discuss the collaboration arrangement on 26 August, 1998.  The topics of discussion included starting multi-centered Chinese medicine clinical trials; monitoring and evaluating the safety of Chinese herbal medicine; and developing and researching on Chinese medicine.  Tentative collaboration agreement has been reached and Professor Paul But believed that such collaboration will bring Chinese medicine research to the world front.

      The Chinese University of Hong Kong started research on Chinese medicine in the early 70's and established the Chinese Medicinal Material Research Centre in 1979.  Currently, research on Chinese medicine is an area of excellence in the Chinese University.   Its mission is to facilitate and promote multi- and inter-disciplinary research on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  Its aims are to document and evaluate the true efficacy of TCM, to explore its better application, and to upgrade its scientific contents.  Research covers the authentication, quality control, safety, efficacy and drug prospecting, as well as database informatics on TCM.

      Harvard Medical School is a centre of excellence in herbal medicine research.  It has more than twenty years of experience and is well equipped to carry out clinical trials.  The Centre for Alternative Medicine Research will concentrate on the research of the efficacy of TCM on cancer.  The Centre will also promote more about Chinese medicine, like acupuncture and massage, through academic exchange.  Beijing Medical University is a famous institution of medical research in China. It also has many years of experience in Chinese medicine research.
      Mr Yau Wai-Ming, Chairman of N P H Group said, "It is our pleasure to support CMMRC to start collaboration research with CAMR and BMU.  We hope that this partnership of the three universities will contribute solidly to Chinese medicine research."  He also pointed out that, if given the chance, N P H will be delighted to develop the research results from the universities so as to contribute to the healthcare of mankind.

      Professor Arthur K C Li, Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong remarked, "Our University has made every effort to advance Chinese medicine.  We started our Chinese medicine research in the early 70's and established the Chinese Medicinal Material Research Centre in 1979.  The research has attracted participation from clinical colleagues and has made great achievements.  In September next year, the University will offer the undergraduate programme in Chinese medicine which will be a systematic training for Chinese medical doctors."  Professor Li was thankful to the donation and support from N P H International (Holdings) Limited and believed that the donation would greatly help the development and research of Chinese medicine.

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