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Course Programme

Dates: 6 Mar 2018 – 23 Mar 2018
Every Tuesday and Friday
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 9:15p.m.
  Date Session Topic
1 6-3-2018 Introduction and basics Introduction to infectious diseases and clinical microbiology
Principles and key elements of infection prevention and control programme
Modes of transmission of infectious diseases
2 9-3-2018 Practical skills in preventing cross infections Hand hygiene (with practical)
Basics of isolation precautions
Staff health issues and sharps injury precautions
3 13-3-2018 Infection control practices in elderly homes Daily nursing activities and infection control
Appropriate use of personal protective equipment (with practical)
4 16-3-2018 Common infection control problems in elderly homes Common infections in elderly homes
Case sharing
Problems of multidrug resistant organisms (MDRO)
Environmental hygiene and use of disinfectants
5 20-3-2018 Infection control programme Overview of related infection control guidelines
Developing and implemeting operation guideline
Clinical waste management
6 23-3-2018 Outbreak management Principles of outbreak management
Management of outbreak of influenza-like illnesses in elderly homes
Infection control and quality improvement