An eye-opening experience in Queensland through the support of Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Scholarship


Launched in 2004, the Australia Endeavour Cheung Kong Scholarship Programme provides valuable opportunities for students in Australia and Asia to go on exchange funded by the Australian Government and the Cheung Kong Group. Mr. CHUA Li Cong, a student from the School of Life Sciences was awarded by the scholarship to visit the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2017.


Li Cong shared that going on exchange to UQ has been one of the highlights of his university life. ‘I have gained a better understanding of my own identity by exposing myself to a culturally diverse environment where I got to interact with people from different backgrounds and beliefs. My communication and interpersonal skills have been strengthened which will be essential for my future career development. The courses offered at UQ were amazing as they provided valuable opportunities for students to visit some of the best islands, national parks and breath-taking landscapes in Australia.’


Interested to experience the beauty of an overseas exchange programme like Li Cong? The application for Outgoing Exchange Programme 2018-19 will open in October 2017. A series of on-campus outreach activities, including the Student Exchange Week, information sessions, a 12-day consultation session, and sharing at the College Assemblies and General Education classes will be organised in October to enhance students’ understanding of the exchange programmes. This year, over 230 exchange programmes are available for students. Interested students please check out OAL’s website.


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