Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics

JS4690 理論物理精研


Projected Enrolment

This is indicative admission quota which is subject to adjustment.


Duration of Study

The normative study period is 4 years.

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Programme Highlights


2021 Requirements


Score Calculation


2020 Admission Grades

Programme Highlights

What our students say...


Only programme in Hong Kong Specializing in Theoretical Physics

The programme offers a balanced mix of lectures, tutorials, problem-solving sessions, seminars, group discussions, lab works, projects and undergraduate research opportunities. Beginning students must go through a series of introductory courses to lay down a good foundation. The Stream is meant to help students explore their research potential and bridge the gap from undergraduate physics to postgraduate studies at the master’s or doctoral level.


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An option to declare an additional stream

Depending on the students’ interests and career plans, they have the option to declare an additional stream by completing stream-specific electives from the following:
  • Astrophysics and Particle Physics
  • Computational and Data Physics
  • Quantum Science and Technology 


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Considering CUHK Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics?

Watch the following videos to explore:

1) Admission Talk (JUPAS) [5:31] in Cantonese
2) Physics Laboratory Tour & Research Teams [16:59] in Cantonese and English
3) ZOOM Into Science - The Origin of the Universe 宇宙的起源 [48:53] in Cantonese
4) ZOOM Into Science - The Unseen Universe 看不見的宇宙 [1:06:36] in Cantonese

Programme Website  |  Leaflet

Programme-specific Requirements (2021 Entry)

JUPAS applicants must fulfil the following minimum requirements to be considered by the programme concerned

Liberal Studies2
Elective 2 - one of the following subjects:
  • M1/M2 (preferred)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Combined Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Integrated Science
  • Technology and Living (Food Science and Technology)

Interview Arrangement

release of
HKDSE results:

Yes - on a selective basis
(27 - 28 May)

release of
HKDSE results:


For Admission Score Calculation

Score Conversion

Level 5** = 8.5
Level 5* = 7
Level 5 = 5.5

Level 4 = 4
Level 3 = 3
Level 2 = 2
Level 1 = 1

HKDSE Subject Weighting

Subjects with heavier weighting:

Mathematics, M1 or M2, Physics

(Weighting ranges from 1.2 - 2.0)

Selection Principle

Best 5

The programme calculates admission scores based on the total score of Best 5 HKDSE subjects.

Bonus points will be awarded to the 6th and 7th subjects.

More than 1 HKDSE Sitting

No penalty will be imposed

Note 1: Please note that admission to the University is on a competitive basis. Apart from public examination results, applicants' other learning experiences, prior education, and interview performance (if any) will also be considered.

Note 2: For score conversion of Category C: Other Language subjects, Grade A = 5 / Grade B = 4 / Grade C = 3 / Grade D = 2 / Grade E = 1

Note 3For 2021 entry, the best result in the same subject taken by a candidate in his/her three most recent attempts of the HKDSE examination will be used for calculation of the admission score.

Admission Grades (2020 Entry)

Programme Selection Principle in 2020 entry: Best 5

Target Percentile
CHIENGMATHLSM1/M2Best Elective2nd Best Elective3rd Best ElectiveTotal Reference Score
M45*5*455**5 29

Note 1: The Total Reference Score is the total score of the applicant calculated based on the programme selection principle (where level 5** = 7 / level 5* = 6 / level 5 = 5 / level 4 = 4 /  level 3 = 3 / level 2 = 2 / level 1 = 1 for Category A subjects. For Category C: Other Language subjects, Grade A = 5 / Grade B = 4 / Grade C = 3 / Grade D = 2 / Grade E = 1).

Note 2: In the admission process, some programmes may have additional requirements (such as specifying subject requirements, assigning heavier weighting to specific subjects, etc.) which are NOT reflected in the Total Reference Score above.

Note 3: Please note that as admission is NOT based on public examination results alone, and the overall scores of students admitted to each programme vary from year to year, the information provided is for reference only, and should not be used to predict the chance of admission to any programme in subsequent years.

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