08-01-2021 (Fri) 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Conducted via Zoom 網上直播 Cantonese supplemented with English 廣東話輔以英語主講
For Form 3 to Form 6 Students and JUPAS Applicants 適合中三至中六學生及聯招申請人

Mini Lecture on “How to Apply Public Health Mathematics Model in Predicting COVID-19 Pandemic” and
Talk on “Career Prospects and Development of Public Health Practitioner”

Speakers 講者

Prof. Kin On KWOK 郭健安教授
Assistant Professor, JCSPHPC, CUHK 中大賽馬會公共衞生及基層醫療學院助理教授

Dr. Tony YUNG 翁家俊博士
Lecturer, JCSPHPC, CUHK 中大賽馬會公共衞生及基層醫療學院講師

Abstract 摘要

COVID-19 has been affecting everyone in the world. Public health workers have contributed massively to the development of preventive measures and vaccination. However, the work of public health epidemiologists is not widely known. This public lecture aims at illustrating how these scientists apply mathematical models to provide frontline medical workers with the most updated data and predictions on the development of COVID-19, aiming at formulating the most scientific strategies to cope with the pandemic. This lecture will also cover the various career and further studies options for graduates of public health. This information will be important to prospective students who are interested in joining the profession.


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JS4537 Public Health 公共衞生

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Mini-lecture & Talk presented by the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care

Faculty of Medicine 醫學院