Research @ University of Warwick

Overseas summer research programme to the Department of Chemistry in University of Warwick, United Kingdom is available in the coming summer term. The Department will send two undergraduates to Warwick for a two-month research programme. The exact research period will be decided by an agreement between the student and the host supervisor in Warwick. Students in this programme will gain exposure to forefront research and culture.

Financial Support

1. The Department will offer financial support up to HKD12,000 or 50% of the cost of flight and accommodation per
    capita, whichever is lower.
2. Successful student should apply financial support from Office of Academic Link (OAL). The Department will pass
    the student information to OAL for process.

Application Timeline

10 February 2020

Deadline of submission of application form

Mid-February 2020

Interview with short-listed applicants

Late February 2020

Successful applications will be informed

Early March 2020

Successful applications will be recommended to the Office of Academic Links (OAL)

March – June 2020

1. Confirm with the supervisor in Warwick University
2. Application of student visa, if you hold a HKSAR Passport
3. Apply for Warwick enrolment, student record, ITS account and accommodation

July – August 2020

Research at University of Warwick (2 months)


Student must keep the flight tickets and hostel receipt to the Department for reimbursement.

Student Obligation

1. Student should submit a written report which summarizes the summer research work;
2. Per requested by the Department, student will be asked to promote future exchange programme.

Application Form