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Series of Service-Learning (S-L) Workshops for Academic Staff

Description: Being highlighted in the CUHK 2025 Strategic Plan, Service-Learning (S-L) is a three-win situation for the university, students, and community. Service-learning allows students and teachers to apply their knowledge and skills to meet the community’s needs and gaining further understanding of course content and improvements in the pedagogy design in return. As credit-bearing service learning courses is one of the major foci in the upcoming university policy and will be put into the compulsory undergraduate requirement in the long term, equipping teachers and faculty members with sufficient S-L knowledge is of utmost importance in promoting S-L as well as putting different enormous ideas of S-L into practice.

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This series includes four face-to-face workshops to be held at UG06, Sino Building:
Date Time Themes and content
2 Jun 10:00am – 1:00pm Workshop 1A: Classroom in Community & Service Learning course design
  • Spotting innovative service opportunities using the dynamic perspective of “Classroom-in-Community”
  • Reciprocal and collaborative relationship with community stakeholders
  • Integrating different S-L models and Design Thinking in course and curriculum planning
  • Assessment strategies of course outcomes and student learnings

2 Jun 2:30 – 5:30pm Workshop 1B: Reflection tools and tips of Service Learning
  • Reflection Design: Stages, Timing, Sequencing, Probing techniques, and formative reflection
  • Reflection using Action reviewing techniques: Quick Review, Positioning, Replay, Writing, Drawing and PhotoVoice

20 Jun 10:00am – 1:00pm Workshop 2A: Building interaction using e-Learning & teaching strategies
  • Interplay among formative assessment and technology
  • Building interactive classroom and reflection using mobile apps applicable in both face-to-face and online class, e.g. Poll Everywhere, Padlet, Emojily

20 Jun 2:30 – 5:30pm Workshop 2B: Virtual Service Learning during pandemic
  • Changing modes of virtual service during five waves of pandemic
  • Using Google Classroom and relevant e-Learning tools to guide the students completing service projects remotely
  • Application of flipped classroom strategies to enhance learning motivation
  • Outstanding student-led virtual S-L project integrating different social media platforms

Co-organizers: CLEAR & Department of Social Work

Speakers: WONG Kon-chi, Part-time Lecturer, Department of Social Work, C.U.H.K. He has been teaching and integrating eLearning GE S-L courses for New Asia, Shaw and United College in CUHK since 2018. He has also been granted the “Outstanding Teaching Award” from Shaw college consecutively for 3 years, recognizing his teaching performance in S-L courses. He is currently the co-supervisor on developing a university-wide “One-credit Service Learning online course”, which will be launched in AY 2022-23. Before entering CUHK, he is experienced in training school teachers and social workers on using apps in field trips and holding reflection in EDB. When working in C&Y centres, he has initiated and coordinated service-learning projects in primary and secondary schools for more than 10 years. To consolidate his experience, he has published a popular series of books on experiential activities, games and debriefing skills.

LEE Wing Yan Vivian, Associate Professor, Center for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR) Professor Lee is a clinician-scientist of clinical pharmacy outcomes research to chronic cardiology disease management utilizing the skills of clinical pharmacy, pharmacoeconomics, and interprofessional education to improve patient care. She has 153 full paper and 250 abstracts publications. She has received numerous teaching and research awards including the Faculty Education Award (2018), the University Education Award (Highest Award on Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong) 2014, Vice Chancellor’s Exemplary Award 2010 and Master Teacher Award 2012 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2021, she is awarded with the 10th Health Medical Research Fund Anniversary award to recognise her sustainable and translational research in health promotion. In addition to her passion in pharmacy research and teaching, Professor Lee also cares about the underprivileged and needy patients in the community. She has established the first interprofessional community outreach team (CU CHAMPION) and served over 50,000 elderly citizens in Hong Kong. This was converted to a 1-unit summer elective interprofessional education course staring in summer 2018.

Date & Venue: 2 & 20 Jun 2022
UG06, Sino Building

Language: Cantonese, supplemented by English

Target: Frontline teachers of S-L, college GE coordinators (max. 30 for each workshop)

Registration: CU Staff:
Workshop Series on Pedagogy of Service-Learning (S-L) 2021-22 (CUHK)

Non-CU Participants:
Workshop Series on Pedagogy of Service-Learning (S-L) 2021-22 (Non-CUHK)

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