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De-stressing and Mindfulness Techniques (Chinese Medicine Perspective)

Background: At CUHK, we have different types of students. Each of them is a unique individual.  They have their own educational difficulties and issues. Therefore, academic advising is essential to address student’s academic issues.  Every undergraduate and postgraduate student is assigned a Level I or Level II Academic Advisor. Academic Advisors hold multiple responsibilities and thus create various levels of stress. Some common stress could contain a lack of time, resources, support, recognition, or autonomy. These could lead to frustration, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, or cynicism. This workshop aims to introduce de-stressing techniques for Academic Advisors and to increase their awareness of stress and its impact on their mind and body. It is important for Academic Advisors to de-stress themselves before engaging in academic advising to create better teacher-student relationships. By addressing their own stress level and using de-stressing techniques, Academic Advisors can help manage their own anxiety and cope with perceived demands and expectations.

Organizer: Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR)

Speakers: Prof. Vivian WY LEE, Associate Professor, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research, CUHK

Professor Vivian Wing Yan LEE is currently an Associate Professor at the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Her area of focus at CLEAR includes inclusive education, academic advising, service learning, students-as-partners, interprofessional education, and ethical use of artificial intelligence in Higher Education. She is a clinical pharmacist as well as a clinician-scientist of clinical pharmacy outcomes research. She has received numerous teaching awards including the Faculty Education Award (2018), the University Education Award 2014, Vice Chancellor’s Exemplary Award 2010, and Master Teacher Award 2012 at CUHK. In addition to her achievement in teaching and research, Professor Lee is concerned about the students at CUHK and the underprivileged in the community.

Dr. LAM Kar-Yeung, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Lam Kar-Yeung is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. He has completed his postdoc at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. He has a PhD from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. He is also a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Hong Kong. He is a Chinese National Practicing Physician and a National Senior Nutritionist. He is also a Senior Chinese Physician at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. His publication contains "Interpretation of Colds in the Nine-Shaped Physique Series", "Better Health Every Day", "Essentials for Preventing Diseases", "Nine-Shaped Physiques and Preventing Flu", "Traditional Chinese Medicine", "Cold" "Liangping, warm and hot ratio diet therapy", "Chaoyangchule", "Dian. Seeking a Medical Treatment - An Accessible Handbook of Chinese and Western Medicine Consultation", "Point. Tuo B - Comprehensive Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Preparation Manual", etc.

Date & Time: 22nd November 2023 (Wednesday)
14:30 pm - 17:30 pm

Format: In-person Workshop

Venue: Chen Kou Bun Building CKB Room123

Target Audience: Full-time and Part-time teaching staff in CUHK

Quota: 40

Medium of Instruction: English and Cantonese

Registration: https://webapp.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/ras/restricted/event?id=81739
(Registration Deadline: 20th November 2023 23:59 pm )

Please click here for the event poster.

Workshop Outline

Pre-workshop survey TBC

Session 1 - Speaker:
Prof. Vivian WY LEE
(45 minutes)
  • Introduction of Academic Advising Workshop
  • Brief discussion on the impact of stress
  • The diverse types of anxiety and stress that Academic Advisors may face
  • Case Discussion

  • Session 2 - Speaker:
    Dr. Lam Kar-Yeung
    (45 minutes)
  • Chinese Medicine De-Stressing Tips: Chinese Food Therapy
  • Breathing techniques

  • Session 3 - Speaker:
    Dr. Lam Kar-Yeung
    (45 minutes)
  • Chinese Medicine De-Stressing Tips: Acupuncture Pressure Points to Relive Stress
  • Chinese Medicine benefits on stress levels

  • Q&A (Question & Answer) Session:
    Dr. Lam Kar-Yeung
    (20 minutes)
  • Q&A session

  • Wrap-up 1. CUHK and CLEAR resources available for Teachers
            * CLEAR micromodules
            * Tips and guidance for teachers
    2. Post-workshop evaluation survey (CLEAR) TBC
    3. Academic Advising Survey for teachers to fill in (TBC)

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