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Advance HE Fellowship Writing Workshops

Description: To support our teachers to apply for teaching fellowship of Advance HE, CLEAR will organise two fellowship writing workshops to be conducted by Professor Fiona Smart appointed by Advance HE.

Detail: Details are as follows:
Workshop No. Date Time Mode Category of fellowship Quota
1 31 May 2024 (Friday) 2 to 5 pm Online Fellowship 20
2 7 June 2024 (Friday) 2 to 5 pm Online Senior Fellowship 20

At the workshops, Professor Smart will
  1. provide an overview of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF) for teaching and supporting learning in higher education 2023;
  2. explain the application process; and
  3. discuss the evidence of effective practice to meet the descriptor criteria specified in PSF.
Advance HE operates four categories of fellowship, Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow, and the descriptor criteria for each category differ. Due to resources constraints, the upcoming workshops will only focus on the Fellowship and Senior Fellowship categories.

You are cordially invited to attend one of these two workshops. Before you sign up for the workshops, it is essential to determine which one of the two categories of fellowship is right for you. You may refer to the Advance HE’s Online Category Tool (Fellowship Category Tool 2023 | Advance HE (advance-he.ac.uk)) which may help you identify a suitable category.

Registration: Please refer to the relevant link to sign up for the workshop.

Workshop No. 1 - Advance HE Fellowship Writing Workshop

Workshop No. 2 - Advance HE Senior Fellowship Writing Workshop

As there is a maximum number of participants set by Advance HE for each workshop, it will be first come first served. After your registration, please check if you have registered successfully or if you are on the wait-list.

In case of queries, please contact Professor Cecilia CHUN (kawaichun@cuhk.edu.hk or 3943 6975)..

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