Past Events
Sharing Learning Resources: Why and How?
Facilitator: Ms Jessica Wong

Detail: Sharing learning resources: Why & How?

The LRC3 (Learning Resource Community version 3) is an online environment to help university staff find, share, review and manage digital learning resources. LRC3 houses more than 1,500 'learning objects' developed by staff in universities in Hong Kong. It is a tool developed by the University of New South Wales in conjunction with the Universitas 21 Consortium and the LEARNet TDG project in Hong Kong.

This workshop introduced the participants to LRC3 in a hands-on session for them to explore its rich collection of digital learning objects.

The workshop was jointly organized by CAUT, The University of Hong Kong and CLEAR & ITSC, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Please visit http://learnet.hku.hk/lrc/index.htm to explore further.

Date: 12 Oct 05, Wednesday
Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Venue: Room 127, Pi-Chiu Building, CUHK

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