The research supervision website is funded by the Teaching Development Grants for the 2012-15 triennium. Collaborated with the Graduate School, CLEAR develops this comprehensive online platform.

The purpose of this website is to provide no time and boundary limited professional development resources for research supervision. These resources help research supervisors to attain good supervisory skills, thereby ensuring the entire teaching force within CUHK is equipped to achieve an excellent level of teaching quality.

Without the support from experienced professors, this website would never be realized. Our interview team is very much grateful for all the professors, who have great passion and devotion in research supervision, sharing us their valuable insights and experience. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to every professor who gave us the heart-to-heart discussions about research supervision.


Professors interviewed (in alphabetical order)

Prof. BOLANDIFAR, Ehsan Faculty of Business Administration
Prof. BOSCO, Joseph Faculty of Arts
Prof. DONALD, David Faculty of Law
Prof. HUANG Jian Wei Faculty of Engineering
Prof. HUANG Yu Faculty of Medicine
Prof. HUI Chin Ming Faculty of Social Science
Prof. JEONG, Sophia Faculty of Business Administration
Prof. LAU Chi Sun, Dora Faculty of Business Administration
Prof. LAU Kowk Ying Faculty of Arts
Prof. LEE Hun Tak, Thomas Faculty of Arts
Prof. LEUNG Seung Ming, Alvin Faculty of Education
Prof. LIAO Wei Hsin Faculty of Engineering
Prof. LIEW Soung Chang Faculty of Engineering
Prof. LIN Da Hua Faculty of Engineering
Prof. McBRIDE Catherine Alexandra Faculty of Social Science
Prof. SUN Hao Faculty of Medicine
Prof. TAM, Tony Faculty of Social Science
Prof. TANG Leung Sang, Nelson Faculty of Medicine
Prof. TSANG Hon Ki Faculty of Engineering
Prof. WONG Chun Nang, Alan Faculty of Social Science
Prof. WONG Heung Sang, Stephen Faculty of Education
Prof. WONG Hoi Ying Faculty of Science
Prof. XIE Zuo Wei Faculty of Science
Prof. YIU Wing Yee, Daphne Faculty of Business Administration
Prof. YOUNG, Kenneth Faculty of Science
Prof. YU Chai Mei, Jimmy Faculty of Science
Prof. ZENG Hua Ling Faculty of Science
Prof. ZOU, Mimi Faculty of Law
Prof. ZHAO Yun, Helen Faculty of Arts
Prof. ZHOU Xiang Sean Faculty of Business Administration


Students interviewed (in alphabetical order)

JIANG Yingda Faculty of Science
LAI Ka Lok, Alex Faculty of Arts
LIANG Yan Faculty of Social Science
LU Ming, Ivy Faculty of Arts
TIAN Xiao Faculty of Engineering
TSANG Hing Weng, Eric Faculty of Social Science