Innovative Learning Design Service
Innovative Learning Design Service
Students benefit from participating in carefully designed and implemented learning activities that promote active and student-oriented learning. CLEAR can offer design services to individual teachers or groups of teachers who are interested in redesigning aspects of their students' learning experience. This might involve a small section of one course or a strategy that might be used in a number of courses.

CLEAR has first-hand experience in a number of effective teaching and learning strategies that have been carried out in Hong Kong. Many of these strategies involve appropriate use of technologies. We can share our experiences with colleagues and are also always pleased to explore new possibilities. The effective teaching and learning strategies include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Case-based learning
  • Student self-assessment
  • Student peer-assessment
  • Mobile learning
Good teachers have a clear purpose in mind. They teach with intention. They organize their learning materials and activities and assessment strategies with care so as to ensure alignment with the learning outcomes they wish students to attain. A learning design is a clear description of how the course will be organized. It is more than just a course outline which describes the elements of the course; it has a much greater level of granularity than a course outline. Innovative learning designs are thus one way to ensure that when a teacher wants to try out something new s/he has everything well organized. This degree of planning also supports careful monitoring of the innovation.

Our services cover assistance in planning, implementation, evaluation and scholarly dissemination of innovative learning designs.

Paul Lam
Associate Professor
Email: paul.lam@cuhk.edu.hk
Phone: 3943-4055
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