Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant
The University Grants Committee (UGC) introduced the Teaching Development Grants (TDG) in 1994-95 to provide funding support to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in local institutions. The introduction of the TDG enhances the University’s overall efforts in improving teaching and learning quality. At the individual staff level, it provides an impetus for initiating and experimenting new ideas on and approaches to achieving better quality of teaching and learning.

Since its introduction in 1994-95, the TDG has been used to support projects to promote innovative and improved methods of teaching at both the University-wide and faculty/department levels. Starting from the 2016-19 triennium, the TDG has been combined with the Language Enhancement Grant as the Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG), as a continuing signal of UGC’s recognition of the importance of both elements of teaching development and language enhancement, while allowing universities the flexibility to decide on the best use of the funding having regard to institutional needs.

List of the projects together with detailed project information funded by the TDG for the 2005-08 triennium, 2008-09 roll-over year, 2009-12 triennium, 2012-15 triennium, 2015-16 roll-over year and TDLEG 2016-19 triennium and 2019-22 triennium are provided in the respective pages.

For details of the call of applications for various funding schemes supporting by the TDLEG, please visit the AQS website.