Teaching Development Grants for 2009-12 Triennium
Please click here for summary statistics on publicly accessible online resources, resources accessible to groups of students, presentation and publications pertaining to the Teaching Development Grants projects 2009-12.

No. Project Title Principal Supervisor(s)
Duration Approved Budget (HK$)
  University-wide projects      
1 Using eLearning benchmarking as a strategy to foster institutional eLearning strategic planning for the four-year curriculum Professor Carmel McNaught, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research 3 years 500,000
2 The impact of student workload on learning experiences at CUHK Professor Carmel McNaught, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research

3 years 500,000
3 Supporting mobile teaching and learning at CUHK Professor Paul Lam, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research 3 years 700,000
4 Excellence in teaching and learning: A framework for CUHK undergraduate programmes Professor Keith Thomas, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research

2 years & 4 months 500,000
5 The development of critical-thinking skills as a graduate attribute for undergraduate and postgraduate students: A quantitative and qualitative approach Professor Keith Thomas, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research

2 years & 4 months 700,000
6 Inter-faculty academic-related advising service Prof. C.F. Chan, Faculty of Business Administration
Prof. Chan Lai Wan, Faculty of Engineering
Prof. W.Y. Poon, Faculty of Science
2 years & 7 months 1,500,000
7 Analysis of interlanguage and development of automatic speech recognition technologies to support computer-aided pronunciation training for Chinese learners of English Prof. Helen Meng, Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
Prof. Virginia Yip, Linguistics and Modern Languages
3 years 1,000,000
8 Development of Careers E-coach, a e-learning portal Mr. Raymond Leung, Office of Student Affairs 1 year & 2 months 270,000
  Faculty of Arts      
9 Creativity as a learning outcome in humanities Prof. Lai Pan Chiu, Cultural and Religious Studies 3 years 1,000,000
10 Bridging experiential (study abroad) and academic learning through critical reflection and web-enhanced pedagogy Prof. Jane Jackson, English 3 years 250,000
  Faculty of Business Administration      
11 A study on student-centered learning focusing on effective teaching approaches in undergraduate courses offered by Faculty of Business Administration Ms. Almaz Chak, Management 1 year & 9 months 90,000
12 An exploratory instrument in measuring the effectiveness of exchange programs and internship under the framework of outcome-based approach (OBA) Ms. Almaz Chak, Management 2 years & 9 months 440,000
13 Video case method in the classroom: 10 true life business stories Dr. Joyce Iun, Management 3 years 400,000
14 E-Learning platform (upgrade) to support experiential learning activities for students who will enter commercial sector or NGO after graduation Prof. C.F. Chan, Marketing 2 years & 7 months 1,000,000
  Faculty of Education      
15 Promoting learning of education students through video-based teaching cases Prof. Cecilia Chun, Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Chan To, Curriculum and Instruction
3 years 700,000
16 Enhancement of learning effectiveness in exercise science: Application of the “blended approach” Prof. Stephen Wong, Sports Science and Physical Education 1 years & 9 months 200,000
  Faculty of Engineering      
17 Engagement in learning activities – Students’ perspective Prof. Chan Lai Wan, Computer Science and Engineering
Prof. Aaron Ho, Electronic Engineering
2 years 1,000,000
18 Enrichment of electronic technology learning through engineering designs Prof. Leung Ka Nang, Electronic Engineering 3 years 200,000
19 Development of an interactive and intelligent platform for learning mathematics Prof. Yam Yeung, Mechanical and Automation Engineering 2 years & 6 months 750,000
  Faculty of Law      
20 Transitions and change for the Law students and the Faculty of Law: Reflections on a four-year undergraduate Law degree – “The Law students’ voices” Prof. Mike McConville, Law 2 years 500,000
21 Mediation: Effective teaching and learning through demonstration videos for and with students and professionals based on Hong Kong cases Prof. Sarah E. Hilmer, Law 2 years 300,000
  Faculty of Medicine      
22 An innovative SLO mapping platform for enhancement of outcome-based learning Prof. T.P. Lam, Orthopaedics and Traumatology 3 years 750,000
23 Bringing anatomy to life: Using 3-D projection on the human body to teach living anatomy in the context of clinical examinations and diagnoses Prof. Hector S.O. Chan, School of Biomedical Sciences 3 years 1,000,000
24 Achieving an outcomes-based approach: Evaluation of web-enriched resources in enhancing baccalaureate-nursing students’ learning of clinical nursing skills Prof. Janita Chau, The Nethersole School of Nursing 3 years 500,000
25 Training graduating medical students to develop the non-technical domains necessary for holistic competence in practical procedural skills, using patient-focused simulation and practice Prof. Shekhar M. Kumta, Learning Resources Centre 3 years 1,000,000
  Faculty of Science      
26 Development of a web-based teaching platform for biochemistry courses Prof. P.C. Shaw, Life Sciences 2 years 250,000
27 Developing an integrative teaching strategy for large class students to learn cell biology and beyond Prof. Jiang Liwen, Life Sciences 3 years 250,000
28 Development of online self-learning systems with multimedia-enriched pre-laboratory talks and pre-class tests for biology laboratory courses Dr. Lawrence Chiu, Life Sciences 3 years 250,000
29 Development of the problem-based learning model for transitioning undergraduate students from classrooms to research Prof. Leung Wing Por, Chemistry 3 years 250,000
30 Learning through teaching – An undergraduate learning assistant training scheme Prof. Lin Hai Qing, Physics 1 year 250,000
31 The development of an OBA assessment model for science subjects Prof. W.Y. Poon, Statistics 3 years 1,000,000