What is a Capstone?

A capstone activity is a culminating experience in the undergraduate students’ university life.

Essentially, the idea of a capstone experience means this learning activity need not be limited to a single course. Rather, it should be viewed as a consolidation of the study experience using several means that act in synergy to achieve the broad emphases (students’ development or assessment) and subsequent design characteristics identified below.

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1.1 Capstone design [Show]
1.2 Capstone in the normative (four-year) curriculum [Hide]
1.3 Suggested outcomes, activities and assessment [Show]
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1.2 Capstone experience (illustrated) in the normative curriculum

CS1, for illustration purposes, could appear in the first year in order to support student transition into university life, confirm foundational skills and support their choice of discipline major.

CS2 is the final year capstone experience; the key result is to integrate studies and assist students’ transition to the workplace (or into postgraduate study).

1.4 A conceptual illustration of a capstone experience

Adapted from: UCLA Report for the WASC Capacity and Preparatory Review (December 2007)
Essay 5. Shaping Undergraduate Education via the Capstone Experience
Please click the following link to view the original UCLA diagram http://www.wasc.ucla.edu/CPR_Essay5.pdf , 2010-11 UCLA General Catalog

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2.1 Project activity map [Show]
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2.3 Evaluating the final year learning experience (FYP) in CUHK [Show]

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1. Introduction [Show]
1. Examples of Capstones [Show]
2. Developing capstone experience [Show]
3. Capstone assessment as a summative assessment using rubrics [Show]
4. Evaluation template of Capstone experience [Show]
5. Programme self-evaluation of capstone course [Show]
6. Survey findings on capstone experience [Show]
7. Presentation related to Capstone [Show]
  Capstone Presentation in CUHK
1. Understanding capstone experience - through overseas examples & pilot focus group results [download as PDF file]
2. Understanding Capstone - examining the final year learning experience (Presentation on 22 OCT 2010, CUHK Teaching and Learning Expo) [download as PDF file]

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