Good Practices from
the UG Programme Reviews


Programme review is one of the pillars of the quality assurance mechanism in the University. This comprehensive internal review exercise involves reviewing a massive collection of documents and evidence and interviewing various stakeholders to collect accurate information about programme performance in different aspects. The programme review reports consist of abundant information indicating whether our programmes are fostering academic excellence in research as well as innovative, high-quality teaching.

To better understand the programmes’ performance in the review practice, CLEAR has been entrusted to conduct the analysis on these programme review reports. Conducting a systematic analysis allows us to consolidate information from these textual data. By studying the content, we can identify good practices and also areas needing improvement on the programme-level, faculty-level and as well as university-level.

This website is part of the TDLEG project ‘Meta-analysis of the UG programme review reports - Identifying the good practices and innovative pedagogies’.