Chemical Pathology is a bridge between basic science and clinical medicine. The Department of Chemical Pathology aims to be at the forefront of laboratory medicine, pursue pioneering research to develop novel diagnostics and understand disease pathogenesis/predisposition, while delivering a state-of-the-art clinical chemistry service to Hong Kong. Through our local and international collaborative networks, our Department is able to provide a firm foundation for multidisciplinary research such as genetics, molecular biology, pathology, and molecular diagnostics.
For example, our research programme on circulating nucleic acids is internationally recognised. As such, the Research Grants Council (RGC) is supporting this programme under the highly competitive Theme-based Research Scheme. This research programme has already produced a paradigm shift in non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and is on course for impacting the early detection of cancer using circulating nucleic acids.
As another example, the Joint Laboratory of Bioresources and Molecular Research in Common Diseases established in 2007 between the Kunming Institute of Zoology and The Chinese University of Hong Kong has bolstered knowledge exchange on the molecular basis of common diseases between experts in the two institutions.
The Department is also a pioneering force behind the use of next-generation DNA sequencing as a molecular diagnostic tool, and is well equipped with massively parallel DNA sequencers and bioinformatics facilities.
It is a great privilege for me to be entrusted with the responsibility of serving as the Chairman and Honorary Chief of Service of this Department. With the combined efforts of staff members of our Department, I am confident that we would continue to do research that would make a difference to the world and to provide a caring service to our citizens.
Y. M. Dennis Lo
The Chinese University of Hong Kong