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Biography of Professor Albert Lee
MB BS (Med.Deg-London), LLB (Hons-London), MPH MD (Higher Med Doctoral Deg-CUHK), LLM (Distinct-Arb &DR), DCH (Ireland), FRCP (London & Ireland), FCIArb (UK) Hon FFPH (UK), FACLM(Aus), FCLM(USA), FRACGP (Aust), FHKAM(FamMed), Grad.Dip.Leg.Pract (Aus.Coll.Law-Distinction), Academician (International Member) of US National Academy of Medicine, Accredited Mediator [Centre for Effective Conflict Resolution (UK)]
"Practising clinician, educational innovator and research leader in Family Medicine, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Asia.  Dr. Lee has particular focus on promotion of child and adolescent health through school settings linking to community and primary health care.  He has contributed models of care for school health, applicable internationally."   This was the citation of Professor Albert Lee used by his proposer for his election as international member of National Acadmey of Medicince (NAM), USA in 2012.  Election to the NAM is considered one of the highest honours in the fields of health and medicine.  Albert is the first member elected from Hong Kong.   He has served as member of NAM Forum on 'Investing in Children globally' (iYCG) to develop an integrated and cross-disciplinary approach for child development. iYCG held 11 workshops across different continents and Albert co-chaired the Hong Kong workshop of iYCG in March, 2015.
Albert obtained Medical Degree (MB BS) from the University of London (UCL-Middlesex) in 1984 and Law Degree (LLB) from University of London in 2015.  He was awarded higher academic and/or professional qualifications in Family Medicine, Public Health, Legal Medicine, Law, Arbitration and Mediation, and Education including doctorate degree in Medicine (MD) and also MPH from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK); Fellowships from Royal Colleges in Australia, Ireland and UK, Chartered Institute of Chartered Arbitrators, Australasian College of Legal Medicine and American College of Legal Medicine; Master of Law with distinction (LLM-Arbitration and Dispute Resolution) from City University of Hong Kong; Master of Professional Study and Research in Education from Bristol University; and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice with Higher Distinction and Distinction in core and elective subjects from Australian College of Law in 2020. He was admitted as lawyer by NSW Supreme Court, Australia in March 2021 and he is also accredited mediator (CEDR-UK).
He is currently Clinical Professor of School of Public Health and Primary Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Founding Director of the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion.  He is awarded Emeritus Professor status from 1 August 2022.  He is Fellow and Associate Dean of General Education of CUHK Wu Yee Sun College.  He also serves as Honorary/Adjunct Professor, external examiner/assessor at many leading academic institutions in Hong Kong and overseas.
Albert’s research fields are child and adolescent health and development, health education and health promotion, equity in health and social care, family medicine and public health, community-based care development, healthcare law and ethics, child protection and sustainable development.  He is pioneer to investigate impact of living environment on better health and well-being especially children and adolescents and vulnerable population.  He is one of the key pioneers of ‘healthy setting approach’ globally (health promoting school, healthy city, health promoting workplace, health promoting university and health promoting health services).  He has published over 240 papers in peer-reviewed journals and over 200 invited conference/seminar papers and editors of three books in primary care and five books in health promotion/school health.  His work is recognized by appointment as WHO advisor on many occasions, election as Honorary Fellow of UK Faculty of Public Health (the highest accolade of the Faculty), the Chief Executive Commendation for Community Services in 2004 Honours list of Hong Kong SAR Government, Award for Pioneer in Healthy Cities Research by Alliance for Healthy Cites (AFHC) in 2014 and invited as guest editors by prestigious international journals.
He has served or is currently serving on Boards or Councils in Hong Kong and overseas such as founding member of AFHC Steering Committee and chaired the Scientific Committee of AFHC Global Conference in 2014, Vice President (Child and Adolescent Public Health) of UNESCO-HK Association, and member of Family Council of HKSAR.
He was Co-chair of District Health Centre (DHC) Executive Committee of Kwai Tsing Safe Community and Healthy City Association (KTSCHC) until Dec 2019, the first DHC commissioned by Hong Kong SAR Government in 2019 according to 2017 Policy Speech to strengthen primary health care.  Albert was instrumental in preparing the proposal and planning the development of DHC for KTSCHC as Board Director.  He served as member of Curriculum Development Council (CDC) during the period 2003-09 and chaired the CDC and HKEAA Committee on Health Management and Social Care (HMSC), new secondary school elective subject) during the period 2004-15.  Albert was instrumental in refining the curriculum, development of teaching and learning guides, professional development for teachers, and enriching the key stakeholders’ understanding of this new subject.
He chaired the Organisation Committee of Chronic Care Conference in 2010, and the 60th Anniversary Symposium of Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation in 2019 on the theme: ‘New Perspectives on Holistic Rehabilitation and Social Inclusion towards 2030’.  He is member of Executive Board of Journal Medicine and Law, and editor of 2018 March Issue on “Better Education and Training to prevent Medical Mishap”.
Updated on 16 Oct 2021
Selected recent publications (over 240 publications in Sep 2021) (full list)
Health Promotion and Public Health (10 recent selected papers 2019-21)
1. Lee A, Nakamura K. Engaging diverse community groups to promote population health through Healthy City approach: Analysis of successful cases in Western Pacific Region. Journal Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021; 18, 6617.
2. Lee, A.; Keung, V.M.W.; Lau, V.T.C.; Cheung, C.K.M.; Lo, A.S.C. Impact of COVID-19 on Life of Students: Case Study in Hong Kong. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18, 10483.
3. Lee A., Lo ASC, Li Q., Keung MW, Kwong CM. Health Promoting School: An Update. J Applied Health Economics and Health Policy 2020; Apr 15 : 1–19.
4. Frederick K Ho, Hung-Kwan So, Rosa S Wong, Keith T S Tung, Lobo H T Louie, Joanna Tung, Sheena Mirpuri, Bik Chow, Wilfred H S Wong, Albert Lee, Patrick Ip. The reciprocal relationship between body mass index categories and physical fitness: a four-year prospective cohort study of 20,000 Chinese children. Paediatric Obesity 2020; 15(9):e12646. doi: 10.1111/ijpo.12646
5. Yip, K., Fung, M., Cheung, C., Lee, A., So, H., Wong, W., Ip, P. (2020). Validity and Reliability of Semi-Quantitative eFFQ for Hong Kong Chinese Pregnant Women. Austin Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism, 2020; 7(5):1093
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Legal Medicine and Ethics (8 recent selected papers)
1. Lee A. Public health action against COVID-19 to protect our rights to health. Medicine and Law 2020; 39(2): 205-222.
2. Lee A. Health and Justice: Value of Rehabilitation and Scope of Liability of Rehabilitation. US China Law Review 2020; 17(5): 189-202.
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4. Lee A and Beran R. Editorial: Better education and training to avoid medical mishaps. Medicine and Law 2019; 38 (1): 1-3.
5. Lee A and Badenoch J. Informed Consent and the decision of the UK supreme Court in ‘Montgomery’. Medicine and Law 2019; 38 (1): 27-44.
6. Quatrii F and Lee A. Pharmacovigilance: The role of social media. Medicine and Law 2019; 38 (1): 107-126.
7. Lee A. Alternate Dispute Resolution for Medical Disputes. Hong Kong Law Journal 2018; 48 (1): 23-36.
8. Lee A. ‘Bolam’ to ‘Montgomery’ is result of evolutionary change of medical practice towards ‘patient-centred care’. Postgraduate Medical Journal 2017; 93:46–50. doi:10.1136/postgradmedj-2016-134236
Family Medicine and Community-based care (7 recent selected papers)
1. Lee A. General practitioners as frontiers in COVID-19: Hong Kong experience. Aust J Gen Pract 2020;49 Suppl XX. doi: 10.31128/AJGP-COVID-15
2. Lee A. Family Physician and District Health System. Editorial. HK Practitioners 2019; 41(3): 57-59.
3. Chuh A, Zawar V, Ooi C, Lee A. A case-control study on the roles of dermoscopy in infectious diseases affecting the skin Part I – Viral and bacterial infections. Skinmed 2018; 16: 247-54.
4. Mike K.T. Cheung, Sam C.C. Chan, Anchor T.F. Hung, Angela Y.M. Leung, Lee A, Frank W.K. Chan, K.L. Chung, Peter K.K. Poon, Chetwyn C.H. Chan. A latent profile analysis on patient empowerment programme in a Hong Kong primary care setting. Patient Education and Counselling 2017; 100(10): 1890-1897.
5. Lo K, Cheung C, Lee A*, Tam WWS, Keung V. Associations between Parental Feeding Styles and Childhood Eating Habits: A Survey of Hong Kong Pre-School Children. PLoS One 2015; 10(4): e0124753 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124753
*correspondence author
6. Lee A, Wong MCS, Chan TN, Chan PKS. A Home-School-Doctor Model to break the barriers for uptake of Human Papillomavirus vaccine. BMC Public Health 2015; 15:935. DOI: 10.1186/s12889-015-2269-1
7. Fung Colman SC, Wong C,Fong DYT, Lee A, Lam CLK. Having a Family Doctor was associated with lower utilization of hospital-based health services. BMC Health Services Research 2015: 15:42. doi:10.1186/s12913-015-0705-7
Recent conference presentation in 2021 (over 200 conference/seminar presentations (full list)
1. Lee A and Cheung CKM. The SING Study – Diet Quality of Local Preschool Children and Impact on Development. Mapping the Local Diet Landscape from Pregnancy to Childhood Symposium. Hong Kong Nutrition Association and Wyeth Nutrition Science Centre. 9 October 2021 Hong Kong zoom webinar
2. Lee A with Ian Freckelton, AO QC, Sandra Johnson (Past President of Australasian College of Legal Medicine), Monique Anawis (Past President of American College of Legal Medicine). COVID-19: Lessons Learned, Challenges Ahead. Physicians Legal Issues: Health Care Delivery & Innovation Virtual Conference, International Keynote. American Bar Association and Chicago Law Society, 20-24 September, 2021
3. Lee A. How Healthy Settings Provide Opportunities for Collective and Individual Responses to Current Global Challenge: Health Promoting Schools as avenue to respond to current global challenges. Organised by IUHPE Global Working Group on Healthy Settings. 70th Anniversary Webinar Series of International Union for Health Promotion and Education, Paris, France. 1 Sept 2021.
4. Cheung T and Lee A. Expert’s roles, duties, commitments and expectations. Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Training Course for Expert Witness. Organised by Professionalism & Ethics Committee, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and supported by Medical Protection Society and Centre for Medical Ethics and Law of University of Hong Kong. September, 2021
5. Wong D and Lee A. Professional Misconduct: Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Training Course for Expert Witness. Organised by Professionalism & Ethics Committee, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and supported by Medical Protection Society and Centre for Medical Ethics and Law of University of Hong Kong. September, 2021
6. Lee A. Sharing on Research Assessment Exercise. Invited speech for Departmental Retreat and Meeting, Department of Rehabilitation Science, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 7 July 2021
7. Lee A. Award and Accreditation Scheme. Monitoring, Reporting, Evaluating and Improving School Health Webinar. International School Health Net, 1 June 2021.
8. Lee A. Early identification of Child Abuse in Primary Care.Child Abuse Series: Series 1-Prevention is better than cure (presentation in Chinese). Organised by Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education; Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Health Education and Health Promotion Foundation, 1 June 2021
9. Lee A. Maintaining physical and psycho-social well-being for students and staff in Early Childhood Education Setting under COVID-19. Public Open Seminar. Organised by Pan Pacific Early Childhood Education and Research Association, 6 May 2021
10. Lee A. How would we gain better understanding of the needs of elderly in community? Enabling Smart Ageing with Health and Building Data Symposium. Organised by Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, Hong Kong Polytechnic University 9 April 2021
11. Lee A. What constitute clinical negligence? Law and Healthcare Ethics Theme of Fellowship Programme, Hong Kong College of Health Services Executive, 26 March 2021
12. Lee A. Striking the balance between public interest and individual rights. 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting of American College of Legal Medicine, 26 February to 5 March 2021 online from USA
Editor of books
1. Lee A (ed). Healthy Setting Approach in Hong Kong: Sustainable Development in Population Health. City University of Hong Kong Press, 2021
2. B.Y.F. Fong, V.Law, & A.Lee. (Eds). Primary Care Revisited for the New Era: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Singapore: Springer. 2020
3. Lee A. Manual for School Health Professional. Department of Education and Youth Affairs, Macao SAR Government, 2011. ISSN: 978-99965-44-02-6.
4. Yang BF, Lee A, Zhu SZ (Eds). Handbook for Primary Care Practitioners: MIMS Primary Care Clinic Series. CMP Medica Pacific Ltd, 2009 ISSN 2073-8986.
5. Wong WCW, Lee A., Lindsay M (Editors). Clinical Primary Care: A Practical Approach The Chinese University Press, 2008.
6. Lee A (2003). Editor Hong Kong Healthy Schools Award Scheme: Practical Guide to the Health Promoting School. Full manual (Pages) and Abridged version (74 pages). Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, School of Public Health, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
7. Lee A (2002). Editor Health Promoting Schools in Hong Kong: Experience Sharing. The Chinese University Press and Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Has obtained over HK$100 million (US$1=HK$7.8) research funding from different funding agencies across different disciplines. Please refer to the full list.
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