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Fellowship Presentation Ceremony Symposium Press Conference Cadenza Others

Presentation of the SH Ho Fellowships for Gerontology and Geriatrics 2009

A presentation ceremony in honour of the SH Ho Fellowships for Gerontology and Geriatrics, organized by the SH Ho Centre for Gerontology and Geriatrics was held on 26 September 2009. Presenting the fellowship awards, as well as the winners of the slogan design competition and cardiovascular fitness award were: Dr TL Ho, Chairman of the SH Ho Foundation Limited, Professor Tai-Fai Fok, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, and Professor Joseph Jao-Yiu Sung, Associate Dean of Faculty of Medicine

The guests and the fellows

The guests and the winners of slogan design competition and cardiovascular fitness award

10th Anniversary Symposium of the Centre for Gerontology and Geriatrics
& Presentation of the S.H. Ho Fellowship Awards

The event was held on 26 April 2008. Marching Band Performance by SAGE Mr. Wong Wha San Memorial Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, presentation of SH Ho Fellowship Award to Dr Mok Ka Wai, Alice and Dr Au Kar Ming, some of the key research findings were presented by academic staff, as well as the first group of SH Ho Fellow. There was also a public education event with public lectures and exhibitions, supported by the Jockey Club Charities Cadenza Project.

Presentation of a souvenir from Dr. TL Ho to the Marching Band representative of the SAGE Mr. Wong Wha San Memorial Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

Dr. TL Ho & Mrs. Ho with Centre Director, Prof. Jean Woo


4-5 May 2011

Institutional Care of Older adults Conference
Download: Programme Conference Report


23-24 October 2010

International Conference - Health, Wellbeing, Competence and Aging

Press Conference
Screening Reveals Over 50% Community-dwelling Population Aged 65 or above are Pre-frail

12 January 2015

Download: Press Release |  Presentation

Press conference

Press Conference on Palliative Care for Advanced Dementia Patients with Swallowing Problems on 15 January 2013.

Download: Press Release |  Presentation
CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing Conference on "Promoting Intrinsic Capacity in Ageing"

04 December 2017

CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing Launch Conference 2015 "Creating Age-Friendly Communities"

08 October 2015

Technologies And Healthy Ageing Symposium

30 September 2014

CADENZA Symposium 2013: Matching Technology to Needs

11 October 2013

CADENZA Hub members joined The HKJC 18 Districts Cup event on 2/6/2013

CADENZA Symposium 2011: Caring for People with Dementia: Needs and Services

15 September 2011

CADENZA Symposium 2010: Age-Friendly World Cities & Environment

8-9 October 2010

CADENZA Symposium 2009: Primary Care & Older Persons – Key to Medical & Social Integration

9-10 October 2009

CADENZA Symposium 2008: Successful Ageing

11-12 October 2008

Cadenza 18-district programmes

The CADENZA 18-District Programme is a series of public education events co-organised by CADENZA: A Jockey ClubInitiative for Seniors and Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 5 (RTHK), and sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.
The objectives of the programme are: (1) to revolutionise the ways people view and care for the elderly; (2) to equip the soon-to-be-old with knowledge contributing to active and positive ageing; and (3) to highlight topics pertaining to positive ageing to residents of Hong Kong's 18 districts, having regard to specific local characteristics.

Cadenza 18 district programme
1 December 2008
July 2010 - Finale
June 2010 Activity - Living in a safe environment
May 2010 Activity – Prioritization of healthcare resources
April 2010 Activity – Advance directives and enduring powers of attorney
March 2010 Activity – End of life for people with chronic conditions
February 2010 Activity – Communication between medical staff and older patients
January 2010 Activity – Positive thinking and attitudes
December 2009 Activity - Restraint
November 2009 Activity – Managing health risks and chronic conditions
October 2009 Activity – Government medical services
September 2009 Activity – Community service: old age homes and later-life living arrangement
August 2009 Activity – Healthy Hearing
July 2009 Activity – Living in a Safe Environment
June 2009 Activity – Home Adaptation
May 2009 Activity – Oral Health
April 2009 Activity – Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Happily
March 2009 Activity – Eye Protection
February 2009 Activity – The Exercise Pattern for Older Persons
January 2009 Activity - Winning the Second Half of Life
For details, please visit

Cadenza TV series with RTHK

CADENZA co-produced a 10-episode CADENZA TV Series with RTHK. As a public education programme, the objective is to help Hong Kong prepare for the challenges posed by an ageing population; to promote active ageing and project a positive public image of the older people.
The drama series focuses on second half of life covering a wide range of topics from health promotion, quality of life, work and retirement, living environment to bereavement and dying.
The series was developed alongside the six themes of CADENZA: (1) Health Promotion & Maintenance: Optimising Mental and Physical Functions; (2) Health & Social Services in Hong Kong; (3) The Living Environment; (4) Quality of Life & Quality of Dying; (5) Legal & Financial Issues; and (6) Ageism / Disparity.

Launch of the new Cadenza TV-series
12 July 2009
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Microsoft CityNext Forum Series A Better Third Age Through Technology

"Senior Eat Smart Cook Healthy Program" Highlights

- Senior Eat Smart Cook Healthy Program" Highlights

Seal Robot, PARO, as Neurological Therapeutic Device

Seminar co-organized by S H Ho Centre for Gerontology and Geriatrics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Medical & Geriatric Unit, Shatin Hospital. Speaker: Dr Takanori Shibata, Senior Research Scientist, Human-Life Technology Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), topic "Seal Robot, PARO, as Neurological Therapeutic Device" on 28 January 2013 at Shatin Hospital.

Age-Friendly Cities with Cooperation & Participation – The Asian Pacific Perspective Regional Conference

19-20 November 2010
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