GE Teacher & Student Conference

The Teacher and Student Conference (5 December) aims to promote the exchange of ideas and sharing of experience across institutions on fundamental issues of general education.


Keynote Speech: Global Citizenship: Goals and Means

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Speaker: Nigel DOWER | Department of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen

5 December 2018 (Wednesday) 9:15 - 10:30 am      (Registration starts at 8:50 am)
LT7, Lee Shau Kee Building (Map)
Conducted in English

Brief Description

This lecture addresses two kinds of issues: first, what should the goal of cosmopolitanism be? What kind of a world do we want? (peace, sustainability, access for all to the means to a full life?) What sort of a world do we not want? (world government, conformity to one ideal?) Second, how should we promote this (issues of effectiveness and of rightness) and to what extent are we obliged to act to create a better world?

About the Speaker
Prof. Nigel DOWER

Nigel DOWER is Honorary Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where he taught for most of the period 1967-2004. He has also been a visiting professor a number of times in America and Iceland. He was President of the International Development Ethics Association from 2002 to 2006. His research interests in the last thirty years have focused on various issues in global ethics, including development, the environment, human rights, peace & security, and global citizenship. He is author of numerous articles and four books: World Poverty Challenge and Response (Ebor Press 1983); World Ethics: The New Agenda (Edinburgh University Press, 1998; 2007); An Introduction to Global Citizenship (EUP, 2003) and The Ethics of War and Peace (Polity, 2009).