No. 51 (Spring 1999)

Table of contents

5 Humorous Classical Essays (translated by D.E. Pollard)
  HAN YU: Address to the Crocodiles of Chaozhou
              Goodbye to Penury
YUAN HONGDAO: The Rewards of Stupidity
LI YU: Pleasant Diversions: Voice and Looks
          Pleasant Diversions: Accomplishments
          Pleasant Diversions: Literacy
          Pleasant Diversions: Clothes
29 LINQING: Tracks in the Snow: excerpts (translated by Yang Tsung-han and John Minford)
66 LU XUN: After Nora Walks Out, What Then? (translated by Wen-chao Li)
77 GUO MORUO: Marx Enters the Confucian Temple (translated by Timothy Wixted and Matthew Finkbeiner)
87 XI CHUAN: Salute (translated by Maghiel van Crevel)
103 CHAN PO CHUN: Addendum to a Conversation (translated by Janice Wickeri)
Bai Tales (translated by Lucien Miller)
  A Legendary Sword River Carpenter
  Wow-Wow the Bean Baby
131 Notes on Authors
134 Notes on Contributors
136 Books Received
138 Announcement
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