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We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Science Workshop of the Chemistry Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) will take place August 7 - 9, 2019 on the campus of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Prof. Amos Tai from the Earth System Science Programme and the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability will be our hosts.
Before the workshop, August 4 - 6, CCMI will be holding a summer school titled Earth system modelling and observations to study Earth in a changing climate, with an emphasis on capacity building amongst early career scientists from developing countries.

CUHK seen from the air

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Science Workshop

August 7 - 9, 2019

The workshop will focus on process-oriented evaluation and analysis of the CCMI-1 and AerChemMIP troposphere-stratosphere resolving chemistry-climate model (CCM) simulations using new observations and diagnostics. It will also provide a platform for discussions on model development and common issues experienced with CCMI-1 and AerChemMIP simulations. Looking to the future, time will be devoted to discussing plans for CCMI contributions to the next IPCC AR6 (2020) and the shape of CCMI phase 2 and how we can contribute to TOAR II (the Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report extension) and the next WMO/UNEP ozone assessment report (2022).

Summer School

August 4 - 6, 2019

CCMI will be holding a summer school titled Earth system modelling and observations to study Earth in a changing climate. Lectures will focus on developing a critical understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Earth-system observations and chemistry-climate models. The summer school will include a significant practical component to provide participants with an introduction to the tools and methods used to analyse model output fields (netCDF) that are publicly available within the CCMI-1 archive, including examples of how to use Earth observations to assess these models with the goal of improving our understanding of chemistry-climate processes. The summer school places a strong emphasis on capacity building and early career scientists from developing countries are strongly encouraged to apply. Some limited funds to support travel is available and the summer school will be limited to approximately 20 participants.

Workshop Agenda

A revised, and final, version of the workshop agenda is now available here. Note that there have been only minor changes to the order and timing of some of the oral presentations. If you are giving a poster presentation be sure to check which of the two sessions your presentation has been assigned, though these have not changed from the first version of the schedule. If your poster is in Session One we ask you to wait until the coffee break on Wednesday morning, once registration has been completed, to put up your poster.

Note the workshop dinner is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 18:00 and for those people who wish to attend we ask you to bring 200 HKD in exact change to registration on Wednesday morning.

Summer School Agenda

The agenda for the 2019 CCMI Summer School is now available here.


Information on travel within Hong Kong and the venue for the workshop can be found on our Local Information Page

Campus Information

Information on CUHK campus can be found in our Campus Information Package.


On-line registration for the workshop has now closed. If you have not already registered but plan on attending, please contact one of the CCMI co-chairs as it is possible to add your information to the list of registered participants. Contact information for the co-chairs can be found on the main CCMI webpage

On-site registration is possible, but having an accurate count of participants helps us greatly for planning.

Poster Presentation

Our poster board fits only posters equal to or smaller than A-0 (portrait), while A-0 (landscape) is not supported. We will prepare pins for putting up posters.

Safety Advice

In view of recent political demonstrations happening in Hong Kong, we offer some Safety Advice for all participants.

Adverse Weather Arrangement

Please refer to CUHK Guidelines for adverse weather arrangement.

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