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Faculty of Science | 理學院

People > Current Members

Group Leader:
Amos P. K. Tai, Associate Professor [email] [profile] [CV]

Research Staff:
Susie S. Sun, Postdoc [email]
Chloe N. L. Yuen, Research Assistant [email]

Graduate Students:
David H. Y. Yung, Ph.D. student [email]
Hemraj Bhattarai, Ph.D. student [email]
Martin H. B. Lee, Ph.D. student [email]
Jia Mao, Ph.D. student [email]
Leo T. H. Ng, Ph.D. student [email]
Tiangang Yuan, Ph.D. student [email]
Avis H. Y. Wong, M.Phil. student [email]

From left to right: Jia, Hayden Lam (UG), Kong Ting, Hemraj, Amos, David, Chloe, Avis, Tiangang, Ronald Li (Lecturer), Leo

People > Former Members

Kong Ting Chau, R.A. (2022), now in occupational therapy industry
Felix P. K. Leung, Postdoc (2021), now at Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Jing Li, Postdoc (2021), now at Xiamen Univ. of Science & Technology, China
Jiachen Zhu, Ph.D. (2021), now a postdoc at CUHK
Oscar H. F. Tam, M.Phil. (2021), now at Arup
Donald K. C. Tao, M.Phil. (2021), now studying PDGE at HKU
Shirley X. Liu, Ph.D. (2020), now at Univ. of Houston, USA
Alan W. L. Lim, Ph.D. (2020), now a government employee in Singapore
Nathan Y. C. Wong, M.Phil. (2020), now at Hong Kong Observatory
Perry H. L. Ma, M.Phil. (2020), now at Hong Kong Observatory
Joey C. Y. Lam, M.Phil. (2020) & R.A. (2021), now in IT industry
Jacky Y. S. Pang, M.Phil. (2018) & R.A. (2019), now at Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Mehliyar Sadiq, Ph.D. (2018) & Postdoc (2019), now at McKinsey, Belgium
Timothy T. Y. Lam, R.A. (2019), now at Univ. of Exeter, UK
Victor K. M. Fung, Ph.D. (2019), now at McKinsey, USA
Lang Wang, Postdoc (2018), now a lecturer at CUHK
Tommy Y. C. Chan, R.A. (2018), now at Univ. of Washington, USA
Danny M. Leung, M.Phil. (2018), now at UCLA, USA
Alice S. Zhou, M.Phil. (2017)
Anthony Y. H. Wong, R.A. (2017), now at Boston Univ., USA
Glory L. K. Kwok, Postdoc (2017)
Ray M. K. Chow, M.Phil. (2016)
Yu Fu, Postdoc (2014), now at Inst. of Atmospheric Physics, China

From left to right: Martin, Perry, Donald, David, Joey, Amos, Shirley, Oscar, Felix

From left to right: Donald, Nathan, Oscar, David, Timothy, Mehliyar, Jacky, Alan, Felix, Jing, Jimmy Wong (UG), Amos, Iris Li (UG), Haiwen Luo (UG), Victor, Perry, Joey, Jiachen, Susie

From left to right: Jiachen, Victor, Kenneth Fu (UG), Mehliyar, Jacky, David, Alan, Donald, Felix, Amos, Zhihong Chen (UG), Shirley, Nathan, Joey, Jing, Perry, Susie

From left to right: Michael Poon (UG), Victor, Zihao Li (UG), Drew Pendergrass (UG), Alan, Mehliyar, Danny, Lang, Amos, Tommy, Felix, David, Jacky, Shirley, Susie, Nathan, Donald, Zhihong Chen (UG)

From left to right: Victor, Alan, Susie, Shawn Chen (UG), Shirley, Lorry Xiao (UG), Alice, John Tang (UG), Amos, Danny, Daniel Lam (UG), Anthony, Jacky, Mehliyar

From left to right: Glory, Anthony, Alice, Amos, Victor, Ray, Mehliyar

From left to right: Mehliyar, Ray, Amos, Yu