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The Hong Kong Quality of Life Index aims at examining and monitoring the quality of life in Hong Kong, including personal, social, political, cultural, economic and environmental quality of life, encouraging cross-cultural comparison on quality of life and advancing international collaboration in the field.

Incorporating the effort and expertise of faculty members from different disciplines, as well as advice and research of renowned local and international scholars, the Faculty of Social Science has compiled a composite index named CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index since 2002. Starting from the year of 2003, the Index is released annually at year-end. Conceptually speaking, the CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index forms an elegant framework based on which trend data can be regularly collected.

The Hong Kong Quality of Life Index is a composite index. It consists of 21 indicators that are grouped into three subgroups, viz. Social, Economic and Environmental sub-indexes.Among the 21 indicators, six are compiled by the Faculty of Social Science, based on data collected by surveys conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of the University.These indicators are stress index, general life satisfaction index, press freedom index, press criticism index, government performance index and index of current economic conditions. All other indices are obtained from the government and related institutions.

Composition of CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index


Objectives of the Index

It is the intention of the Centre to use this composite index to:

  • measure and keep track of Hong Kong’s quality of life in the 21st century;
  • engage relevant parties in promoting and advocating quality of life in Hong Kong;
  • provide policy makers and the community with a useful reference tool;
  • advocate the quality of life in Hong Kong and draw public attention to the issue of quality of life.

Hong Kong Quality of Life Index Reports
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