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Prof. WONG Kun Chun Eric

黃根春 教授


B.A., M.Div. (CUHK); Th.D. (Heidelberg)

Tel: (852) 2609 6572 Email:



  1. Associate Director (Academic Affairs) of Divinity School
  2. Programme Coordinator of B.A. ( Theology Major ) , B.D. & M.Div.

Research Interests:

New Testament Studies [Text, Background, Theology and Methodology] and related Disciplines [Greek-Chinese Lexicon of the New Testament, Extra Canonical Documents]

Current Research Projects:

  1. A Greek-Chinese Lexicon for the New Testament
  2. Radicialism and De-radicalism - Comparing Jesus and Paul


  1. The De-radicalization of JesusEthical Sayings in Corinthians.” New Testament Studies 48 (2002), pp. 181-194.

  2. 編《基督教典外文獻——新約編及舊約編》共十冊,香港:文藝,2001-2004。

  3. 著《四福音真貌》,香港:文藝,2001。

  4. The De-radicalization of JesusEthical Sayings in Roman.” Novum Testamentum (2001).

  5. ‘Jesus or Matthew as the One Teacher in the Gospel of Matthew?’ Sino-Christian Studies (2006)

  6. ‘Towards “A Greek-Chinese Lexicon of the Greek New Testament” – A Cross-cultural Endeavour?’ Translation and Bilingual Dictionaries (Lexicographica Series Maior; 2004)

  7. “The Entrance and Inheritance of the Kingdom of God in the Christian Religion.” Ching Feng 7 (2006): 83-92.

  8. “The Emergence of Early Christianity from its Religious and Cultural Background: The Implication of Matthew’s Interpretation of Jewish Law.” Jian Dao 27 (2007.01): 145-154. (Chinese)

  9. “Reflection on the Concept of Wealth in the New Testament”. Bible and Life (FS: Ronald Y K Fung; Hong Kong: Divinity School of Chung Chi College, 2007): 157-66. (Chinese)



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