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The CUHK History Gallery comprises seven zones across two storeys, located at the main entrance of the University Library. It is vividly designed to show visitors the University's milestones through the decades. The seven zones of the gallery are:

  1. Milestones through the Decades
  2. The Arduous Trail-blazing Journey–The Founding of the University
  3. Whole-person Education–Ideals and Practice
  4. Explorations and Innovations
  5. Chinese Studies
  6. Roots in China, Eye on the World
  7. Viva Voce
  8. CN Yang at 100 Special Exhibition

The Gallery is proud to have Professor Ambrose Y.C. King, former CUHK Vice-Chancellor, to inscribe the Chinese characters of 'CUHK History Gallery'

A commemorative plaque located at the entrance of the Gallery expressing our gratitude to the generous donation from the T S Kwok Foundation.


Graduation Certificate of Professor Yu Ying-shih (1952) The satin (1963) Seal of the Vice-Chancellor (1964) Coat of arms (1967) ‘Asian Hero’ Award from the Time Magazine (2003) Naming Certificate of Asteroid 'Kaokuen' (1996) Naming Certificate of Asteroid 'Kaokuen' (1996) A letter from Ch'ien Mu to Tang Chun-i (1960) Student exchange programme signed up with UC (1965)


  • Closed for Renovation

    The CUHK History Gallery will be closed from 23rd May 2022 for renovation to enhance the contents and visitor experience. A new look will be unveiled in 2023.
    23 May 2022
  • Typhoon & Black Rainstorm Arrangement 1 August 2016
  • Opening Hours

    Opening Hours

    Mon to Fri: 10am - 5pm

    Sat, Sun and Public Holiday: Closed