Internship @ BASF, Pudong

BASF is a German chemical company and is the largest chemical producer in the world. It has the research and development (R&D) centers all over the world. One of them is in Shanghai where more than 2000 people with different backgrounds work there. Industrial research focuses on commercialization and the products are for making profit. Your experience working in BASF benefits you to work in chemical industry in the future and possibly earn you a career in BASF after graduation.

The Department will send THREE undergraduates to BASF, Pudong for a three-month internship. The exact internship period will be decided by an agreement between the student and BASF.

Financial Support

1. The Department will cover the round-trip flight ticket to Shanghai or up to HKD3,500 per capita,
    whichever is lower.
2. Accommodation and meal expenses in Fudan University is provided.

Application Timeline

31 January 2019

Deadline of submission of application form

Mid February 2019

Interview with short-listed applicants

Late February 2019

Successful applications will be informed

June – August 2019 

Internship at the BASF Pudong (3 months)


Student must keep the flight ticket to Department for reimbursement.

Student Obligation

1. Student should submit an article for Alumni Newsletter.
2. Student should submit a written report which summarizes the summer research work.
3. Per requested by the Department, student will be asked to promote future exchange programme.

Application Form