Local Internship

Non-credit-bearing local internship programme is available to Year 2 and Year 3 Chemistry major students. This programme is established with aims to a) enhancing students’ understanding of the careers they are interested in; b) equipping students with the essential skills for future careers; c) providing opportunities for students to practise in the real-world environments and providing a platform of connection between recruiters and students.

Financial Support

The internship organization may provide subsidy to students.

Application Timeline

27 February 2020

Briefing (Venue: Science Centre L3; Time: 6:00 pm)

15 May 2020

Deadline of submission of application form

May 2020

Interview by the internship provider
Successful applications will be informed

May – August 2020

A minimum of 8 weeks of work

Student Obligation

1. Student should submit a written report which summarizes the working experience.
2. Student will be asked to share his/her experience in future promotion events.

Application Form

Briefing Document

(i)    Details about the Programme
(ii)   Recruiter Job Description
       Sharing from student: He-Ro Chemicals Limited (New)
(iii)   Application Procedure