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The population now in the world is 6 billion and at least 1 billion are native Chinese speakers. Chinese as a foreign/ second language is developing rapidly since 2001 after China has become a WTO member. While anticipating the indispensable role and irresistible influence of China in the global arena in the 21st century, more and more countries have encompassed Chinese language learning in their formal primary and secondary education. Not to mention Chinese language’s popularity in higher education and language study for professional development. One can imagine the bright future of Chinese as a Foreign/ Second Language.


In 2009, there were approximately 200,000 oversea students in mainland China with Asian being the majority group (72%). In Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, there are around 1600 oversea students studying a degree programme, with a relatively balanced population between the non-Asian and Asian group (4:6). This phenomenon is probably a benefit from the bilingual and international environment of Hong Kong.


Chinese University of Hong Kong prides herself on being a world top-ranking university with a mission to bring together China and the West and to combine tradition with modernity. Every year, Chinese Language Centre (CLC) teaches Chinese language to more than 4000 students (3000 local students and 1000 overseas students from more than 70 countries). Student type includes undergraduates, postgraduates, exchange students, full-time Chinese language students, summer school students and part-time students coming from the local and expat workforce.


You will appreciate the unique study here with our competent and friendly staff in a conveniently located campus with stunning views in a vibrant Chinese city.


If you want to learn more about the study opportunity with the Centre, or having any questions related to Chinese as a foreign/ second language, please feel free to contact CLC staff at



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