Current Research in Chinese Linguistics (CrCL)

Catalogues and Articles

Volume 99  Number 2 (July 2020)

Special Topic: International Symposium on Chinese in the Maritime Silk Road
215 Concerning the Chinese Languages in Various Chinese Speaking Communities: An Exploration from the Perspective of the Global Development of the Chinese Language (in Chinese)
  Cheng Hai Chew
223 The Maritime Silk Road and Min Dialects (in Chinese)
  Rulong Li
235 Čīnēstān, China the Toponym and China the Kingdom (Sasanian to Post-Sasanian Texts)
  Daryoosh Akbarzadeh
247 Memetic Calque of Chinese in English for Cross-cultural Communication: A Corpus-based Study of Language Contact
  Yihua Zhang
265 Subjectivity of Numeral Expressions with Non-numeral Meaning in Chinese and Second Language Acquirers’ Understanding Analysis (in Chinese)
  Nattanit Chamsuwanwong
289 Teacher Talk in the Game-based Approach (in Chinese)
  Wei Luo, Shan Wang and Rui Liu
305 Two Concepts of Locality: The Respectively-interpretation of Fenbie
  Xiaoshi Hu
331 Implicit Negative Adverbs and Their Semantic Features in Mandarin: Using Gan as an Example
  Jinghan Zeng and Yulin Yuan
Chinese Language Studies
343 The Grammatical Properties of Zik1 Hai6 and Its Discontinuous Construction “Zik1 Hai6...Aa4” in Cantonese (in Chinese)
  Toby Wing-Chun Ng
359 Lexicalization and Semantic Change: Cantonese Si3 Gwo3 (in Chinese)
  Dazhen Wu
375 Postscript (in Chinese)
  Sze-Wing Tang
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