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Route to GCNC MRI Core Facility

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Route to GCNC MRI Core Facility

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Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3 Tesla (T) MRI Scanner

MAGNETOM Prisma 3 Tesla (T) MRI Scanner

Outstanding gradient performance
  • 80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s simultaneously, on all three axes
  • Ultra-high-performance cooling
  • Force-compensated design for reduced vibrations
  • Benefits: Significantly increased SNR, unprecedented long-term stability and minimized acoustic noise.
  • Fully dynamic parallel transmit with TimTX TrueShape
  • Zoomed imaging with the first parallel transmit application syngo ZOOMit
  • Significantly higher resolution, reduced scan times and less artifacts.
Tim 4G integrated receive architecture
  • New Tim 4G RF system with 48, 64 or 128 independent channels for faster imaging and higher SNR
  • New Tim 4G coil technology with highest coil element density, Dual-Density Signal Transfer, DirectConnect, and SlideConnect technology
  • Fully digital transmit and receive with DirectRF
  • Real-time feedback loop for excellent long-term stability
  • Unmatched 3T magnet
Pediatric 16-channel receive coil

Pediatric 16-channel Receive Coil

  • New 16-channel receive coil for head and neck imaging for newborns and children up to 18 months of age.
  • 16 elements, 13 elements in the head and 3 elements in the neck
  • iPAT-compatible
  • Can be used in combination with all other Tim coils
  • Open anterior design
  • Infant cradle
MRI Diagnostics Incubator System

MRI Diagnostics Incubator System

(nomag R IC by LMT Medical Systems GmbH)

  • The device is suitable for patients with a weight of up to approx. 4,500g and a head circumference of up to approx. 40 cm
  • with neonatal head array coil
  • No radiation exposure
  • Minimal handling of patients
  • Time-optimized implementation with maximal security
The Range
  • nomag R IC for 1.5 / 3.0T
  • Trolley for intra-hospital transportation
  • Trolley for transportation in ambulance
  • Neonatal head array coil for 1.5 / 3.0T
  • Neonatal body array coil for 1.5 / 3.0T
Visual and Audio Stimulation System for fMRI

Visual and Audio Stimulation System for fMRI

  • Total System Console with various functional module: Power manage, Audio signal control, Button photoelectric convert, Synchronization, Video signal switch, etc.
  • Stimulation Task Controlled / Data Processing Workstation, Power Isolation Transformer, DC Power Module
  • Presentation Subsystem: Special 40" LED liquid crystal display, mirror assembly, RF shielded cable, Fiber optic cables
  • Stereo Audio Subsystem: Full coverage Headset, Multimedia Active Speaker, Audio Transducer, Filter special for MR, Microphone, RF Shield Cable in MR
  • Response Feedback Subsystem: RF-free Button Response Box
  • MR Compatible Sight-adjusted Glasses System
  • fMRI Clinical Checking Software Package