Dr. LAI Jose

English Language Teaching Unit


Dr. Jose LAI is Director of the English Language Teaching Unit of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In addition to the general management of the Unit, she also oversees the development and implementation of curricula. Her professional interests include self-directed language learning, language awareness, curriculum development, and programme evaluation. Dr. Lai is passionate about language education and service learning, and she is the recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award in 2002.



The Challenge and Practice of Implementing Quality Assurance for a Large-scale Foundation Course in ELT: Preparation, Standardization, Moderation

Assuring the teaching and learning quality of a single course which is taught by more than 40 teachers to some 3000 students poses a huge challenge at all levels. Thorough preparation, in terms of course design, delivery mode of course content, implementation of assessment tasks, and course-based interface of a learning management system (LMS), needs to be done effectively. During the term, peer class observations, team meetings, and grade moderation meetings with outcomes-based assessment rubrics have proved useful in encouraging professional exchange among colleagues and in ensuring consistency in grading across sections. To facilitate a systematic course review, a file server was set up to document students’ works for grade moderation and related data analysis. As a final step, end-of-term course-based questionnaires were administered to teachers and students to solicit detailed feedback on the course.  With such a mechanism in place, a comprehensive critical review of both the process and products of teaching and learning can thus be implemented accordingly.