Professor Joseph J.Y. SUNG

Vice-Chancellor / President

Teaching is one of the core missions of any university. It is also one of the great strengths of The Chinese University of Hong Kong – the university is particularly proud of its long tradition of providing students with a good all-rounded education.

The excellent teaching tradition continues. Through the initiative of The Centre of Learning Enhancement And Research, the university now showcases the work of faculty members whose passion in, dedication to, and quality of teaching are exemplary. It is my hope that The Teaching Excellence Ambassador (TEA) programme will help disseminate good teaching practices that can serve as a benchmark of high-quality teaching, and that may be adopted at the departmental, faculty and institutional levels gradually. 

Naturally, these practices occur in a Chinese context and, as such, may be different from good teaching practices in the West. Therefore, it is also my hope that the TEA programme will attract interest, and even possible ideas for collaborations, from other institutions – Hong Kong, Chinese, and international – with the aim of promoting excellent university teaching.