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15 Dec 2014 Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2014 - TEA Corner

Dr. CHIU Chi Ming Lawrence

Prof. CHU Ming Chung

Prof. JACKSON Jane

Prof. JIANG Liwen

Dr. KU Kei Tat Fred

Dr. LAI Jose

Dr. LEUNG Fung Lin

Prof. LIAO Wei Hsin

Prof. MA Lai Chong Joyce

Dr. PANG Kam Moon

Dr. WONG Wing Hung
14 Aug 2014 The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care

Prof. LAM Lai Chuen Paul

Prof. CHAN Chung Yan Joanne
7 Jul 2014 School of Chinese Medicine

Prof. NGAI Sek Yum Steven

Prof. LEE Ngar Yin Louis

9 May 2014

Department of
Japanese Studies

Prof. JACKSON Jane

Prof. POON Wai Yin Isabella
7 Apr 2014 Office of University General Education Dr. WONG Wing Hung
Dr. CHIU Chu Lee Julie
29 Nov 2013 Department of Computer Science & Engineering Prof. POON Wai Yin Isabella
Prof. YUNG Pun To Douglas
1 Nov 2013 Department of Chemistry Prof. CHU Ming Chung
Prof. HUI Pak Ming



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