Dr. LEUNG Fung Lin

Physical Education Unit


Dr. Fung Lin LEUNG is a senior lecturer at the Physical Education Unit of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has been teaching the University Required Physical Education Programme for 20 years. Research projects include the efficacy of using the Internet in physical activity promotion and the impact of required physical education program on physical activity participation of the alumni. Dr. Leung was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award in 2003.





The Efficacy of Using the Internet in Physical Activity Promotion

Various strategies have been recommended for physical activity promotion. Internet-based interventions have shown the potential of serving large numbers of the population, and possess the advantages of convenience, flexibility, and more effectiveness and opportunities for interaction. Recently, focus has been put on using the Internet as a means to promote health related behavioural change. However, there is limited evidence concerning the efficacy of using Internet-based interventions for physical activity promotion in the school sector. The project aimed to tackle the problem of insufficient physical activity level of the students by integrating daily life activities (such as walking, biking and taking the stairs) into their daily lives through an Internet-delivered program.