Professor JIANG Liwen

Department of Life Sciences


Prof. Liwen JIANG is a Professor at the School of Life Sciences and the Director of Cell & Molecular Biology (CMB) Programme and Centre for Cell & Developmental Biology (CCDB). His research focuses on protein trafficking and organelle biogenesis in plant cells. Professor JIANG has received several awards from CUHK including Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award, Excellence Research Awards, Outstanding Fellow of the Faculty of Science. He also received the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship and Ministry of Education Natural Science Award of China.


Developing Green Fluorescent Protein as a New Tool for Teaching Cell Biology in Large Class

At present, learning modern Cell Biology relies on studying the images of cells and organelles in textbooks. All these images are taken from cells or tissues that have been chemically fixed (i.e. killed). Such chemical fixation can generate artifacts and only static images can be captured. Thus, such approach may not reflect the real cellular, physiological and dynamic responses in living cells or organisms. The recent development of green fluorescent protein (GFP) technology and advancement of high-resolution live-cell imaging systems have allowed real-time documentation of cellular dynamics and responses in transgenic organisms such as plants and animals. These dynamic studies of proteins, transport vesicles and organelles in living cells or tissues will further broaden our knowledge and understandings in cell biology. All these can be achieved by developing a multimedia self-learning kit of live cell imaging for Cell Biology learning in large classroom teaching.