Professor CHAN Chi Ho Wallace

Department of Soical Work


Dr. Chi Ho CHAN, Wallace is the Assistant Professor of Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His key teaching and research area is about death, dying and bereavement. In the term of 2012-2013, he developed a new GE course, named “Living with grief: Understanding death, dying and bereavement”. The concept of death motivates him to search for the meaning in life. As reflected in his teaching motto, “Time is limited”, he hopes to invite students to find their unique meaning in attending his time-limited courses. He is aware of the struggle to make a balance between research and teaching, but still believes that teaching is something meaningful that he strives for in his life.


Time is Limited: Search for the Meaning in Teaching

Do you think teaching is a stressful task? If yes, why are you willing to bear this role? For living only? Or do we really want to accomplish something through this role? In this talk, the speaker, who is a junior teaching staff, will share his personal experience and framework in searching for the meaning of teaching. At the same time, you will be invited to reflect about your unique meaning in teaching. This talk is particularly targeted on junior teaching colleagues, who are adapting to the academic career.

Time is limited - We may not be certain about how long will we teach. Yet, we may certainly make the best use of our time to experience meaningful teaching and in turn a meaningful life.