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  Project Timeline

After more than a year of hard work, Release 1 of CUSIS was successfully launched on 5th July 2010 to support the 4-year curriculum as well as other strategic initiatives of the University in the coming years. CUSIS Release 2 was also successfully implemented on
22nd October 2010, further included a number of additional functions such as gradebook, academic advisement, and alumni management.


Following is the project timeline:


Taking into account the tight timeframe, the significant work required, and the academic calendar, Release 1 covered the following areas:

    • Student demographic data management
    • Student registration and Course registration
    • Course inventory maintenance
    • Academic structure
    • Capturing marks and grades
    • Calculation of fees due to students
    • Payments and receipts
    • Refunds
    • Scholarship and loans application
    • Platform for CUSIS and other CUHK applications


    The following is the coverage of Release 2:

    • Exchange student information and outgoing exchange application management
    • Managing grades and grades approval
    • Scholarship and financial aid application and evaluation
    • End of term processing and assessment
    • Alumni management
    • Self service for alumni