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A series of computer-based training (CBT) modules covering a wide range of CUSIS functions is available online for University staff and students.


CBT modules for student functions include

  1. View My Academics (English) (Chinese)
  2. Edit Addresses (English) (Chinese)
  3. Add Email Addresses (English) (Chinese)
  4. Add Phone Numbers (English) (Chinese)
  5. Add Emergency Contact (English) (Chinese)
  6. Online Registration (For New Undergraduates) (English) (Chinese)
  7. Online Registration (For New Postgraduates) (English) (Chinese)
  8. Browse Course Catalog (English) (Chinese)
  9. Browse Program Information (English) (Chinese)
  10. Plan Your Courses (English) (Chinese)
  11. Course Enrollment (For Undergraduates and Postgraduates except PGDE) (English) (Chinese)
  12. Course Enrollment (For PGDE only) (English) (Chinese)
  13. Drop a Class (For Undergraduates and Postgraduates except PGDE) (English) (Chinese)
  14. Drop a Class (For PGDE only) (English) (Chinese)
  15. Swap Classes (For Undergraduates and Postgraduates except PGDE) (English) (Chinese)
  16. Swap Classes (For PGDE only) (English) (Chinese)
  17. Update Classes (English) (Chinese)
  18. View Class Schedule (English) (Chinese)
  19. Credit Transfer (English) (Chinese)
  20. View Grades (English) (Chinese)
  21. View Unofficial Transcript (English) (Chinese)
  22. Making Online Payments(PPS)
  23. Making Online Payments(WeChat, AliPay, UnionPay or BoCPay)
  24. Making Online Payments(FPS)
  25. Program Change (For Undergraduates)
  26. Program Change (For Postgraduates)
  27. Academic Advisement Report (English) (Chinese)
  28. In-progress Report (English) (Chinese)
  29. What-if Report (English) (Chinese)

CBT modules for staff functions (OnePass login Required) include

  1. Aacdemic Management
  2. Gradebook Management
  3. Export Students' Information

For other use details, please visit "User Guides & FAQs" page:


Last Update: 5 Oct 2022