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Outcomes-based eLearning at CUHK


Examples of eLearning Projects or Activities @ CUHK and their expected learning outcomes

Many of our teachers use eLearning tools and eLearning strategies inside and outside classroom to achieve learning outcomes such as improved conceptual understanding, application of knowledge in solving problems, enhancement of learning motivation and better learning of professional or learning skills. Below are some examples of these eLearning activities with links to further information.


An inter-faculty e-learning platform (TDG 2012-2015)

Supporting mobile teaching and learning at CUHK (TDG 2009-2012; 2012-2015)

Instant classroom response system on mobile devices – uReply user experiences (Expo 2012)

Online interactive learning resources for the General Education Foundation Programme (TDG 2012-2015)

An e-Learning App for Comprehension of Classic Texts and Self-evaluation (CDG 2014-2015)

Faculty of Arts

Effective visualization of articulatory processes using visual speech synthesis technologies for corrective feedback generation in computer-aided pronunciation training for Chinese learners of English (TDG 2012-2015)

Development of a flash animation programme for English vowel training: A high variability approach (TDG 2012-2015)

Faculty of Business Administration

An online platform for multimedia educational resources (PMER) (TDG 2012-2015)

Turning student video projects into reusable learning modules more effective than common textbook explanations (Expo 2012)

Faculty of Education

Virtual laboratory: A technology-aided learning system for undergraduate students in Exercise Science and Health Education (TDG 2012-2015)

LOCALe & EagleEye: Equipping Education Students with Pedagogical Knowledge and Technical Skills in Facilitating Outdoor Exploratory Learning (Expo 2013)

Faculty of Engineering

Develop an interactive multimedia website for teaching and learning engineering design and manufacturing (TDG 2012-2015)

A web-based platform for mathematics knowledge diagnostic testing for engineering freshmen (TDG 2005-2008)

Faculty of Medicine

Implementing MEDLOG an E-portfolio to improve student engagements in self-initiated clinical encounters and participation in practical procedures (TDG 2012-2015)

The Extended Use of uReply as a Tool for Evaluation (Expo 2013)

An Innovative SLO mapping platform for enhancement of outcome-based learning (TDG 2009-2012)

Facilitate Your Teaching with Apps (Expo 2013)

Faculty of Science

Mobile game-based learning of 180 essential biology terminologies in university education to enhance student performance (TDG 2012-2015)

Instructional Video for Introductory Organic Chemistry Experiments (Expo 2013)

Developing Video Learning Modules for Teaching Cell Biology (Expo 2013)

Development of online self-learning systems with multimedia-enriched pre-laboratory talks and pre-class tests for biology laboratory courses (TDG 2009-2012)

Faculty of Social Science

Expanding the architectural design classroom at CUHK – Cross cultural crits-innovation in teaching and learning development (TDG 2012-2015)

The web-based platform for visualizing impact of urban design on local urban climatic condition (CDG 2014-2015)

Architectural narratives with digital manga (Expo 2012)

Faculty of Law

Mediation: Effective teaching and learning through demonstration videos for and with students and professionals based on Hong Kong cases (TDG 2009-2012)

Using eBooks, podcasts and blogs in university teaching (Expo 2011)