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Joint Faculty Research Day 2008  

Submission for Student Posters Competition
(All submission forms and posters should be submitted on or before May 9 , 2008)

Submission Procedures:

  1. Download and fill in the submission form (Word format).
  2. Input the filename of your poster (pdf format) in the box Attachment 1.
    a) All posters should be prepared in English;
    b) Applicants should prepare to produce a poster in the size of 122cm (H) X 92cm (W) if their posters are short-listed for board display on the Faculty Research Day on June 12 to compete for the "Best Student Poster Award".
  3. Input the filename of your scanned submission form with the signature(s) of your supervisor(s) in the box Attachment 2.
  4. Input the filename of the Word file of your submission form (without your supervisor's signature) with clearly typed abstract and main contribution in the box Attachment 3.
  5. Press "Submit" button to upload all the files. A confirmation email will be sent to your specified email address if the files are uploaded successfully.

Email Address

Attachment 1: Poster (pdf format required)

Attachment 2: Scanned submission form with signature(s)

Attachment 3: Submission form (Word Format required)

Note: For files upload or other technical problems, please contact help@erg.cuhk.edu.hk