Professional Development

Mentorship program

To enable students to look beyond the classroom and learn from their seniors, who are professionals and experts in their own fields, every Year 1 student is matched with a senior student as well as an alumnus as his or her mentors. Having gone through the same journey and accumulated ample industry experience, the mentors could provide each mentee with proper guidance and insights to prepare them for the challenges ahead in their study and future career. This fruitful and long-lasting friendship with alumni would be one of the greatest assets the students could gain from the program.

Team effectiveness workshop

A team effectiveness workshop is held annually to help students develop management soft skills and transfer the relevant knowledge and attitude to the workplace. The workshop takes an experiential development approach in fostering team spirit, leadership, communication and problem-solving skills via various physically and challenging team-building activities,coupled with reflection and sharing sessions for the teams to understand their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Not only does it strengthen the bonding among the students, but it also proves the power of having a “can-do” attitude despite the anxiety associated with unfamiliarity, encouraging the students to go beyond their limits.

Case analysis training

Case analysis is a key learning approach of GBS. Supplementing other case-oriented classes, systematic training sessions are provided to develop students’ problem solving and presentation skills through tackling real life business cases. This helps students synthesize their business knowledge and soft skills and apply them in the real business environment, which is critical to the success of their career and personal development. GBS students have been actively participating and achieving outstanding results in various international business case competitions.

Career workshops and company visits

A multitude of career workshops and company visits are organized for students all year round. Leading recruitment consultancies are invited to offer students insights into the latest job market trends, graduate job and internship searching, as well as advice on interviewing and CV writing as to how to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, opportunities to visit renowned companies allow students to gain deeper understanding of the working environment and business trends in various industries, and discover their own career interests.