Global Business Studies (GBS)

Knowledge. Experience. Network.

GBS has been a pioneer in business education at the undergraduate level in Hong Kong and also in the international education arena. It is designed to empower highly aspiring students with distinct business acumen, cultural fluency and entrepreneurial mindset through an internationally oriented curriculum, to become leaders who create meaningful impact in the global community.

Experience through Global Immersion and Enrichment Activities

International exposure, cultural awareness and strong cosmopolitan communication skills are essential tools for leadership in the 21st century. Students will learn how to cooperate with students from diverse cultural backgrounds through engagement in class discussions, projects and activities. Their experience of living and working with their global counterparts allows them to fully integrate into and understand the nuances of the local cultures, developing their global mindset and essential skills to confront the challenges in the ever-changing business environment. Class-based learning is also reinforced by study trips, and other enrichment activities such as Global Business Forum, workshops on team effectiveness, case analysis, career planning, and various company visits.