The “twin fish” logo of our Centre has been in use since 2011, which was inspired by the koi that are raised in the Institute of Chinese Studies. They are red and orange, and the green of their eyes is the same hue of green used in the Institute’s emblem, symbolizing the close relationship between the Centre and the Institute. The vividness and vitality of the twin fish represent the research spirit of the Centre, having the goal of becoming a vigorous academic hub at the forefront of innovation. Drawn with simple lines, the logo signifies our modest yet pragmatic approach to achieving excellence in academic pursuits. In Chinese, “twin fish” (shuāng yú in Mandarin or soeng1 jyu4 in Cantonese) also alludes to “bilingualism” (shuāng yŭ in Mandarin or soeng1 jyu5 in Cantonese), which underlies the direction of our forthcoming research focusing on comparative linguistic studies. It also conforms to the mission of the Institute and the University “To combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West”.

CUHK Newsletter No. 484 (4 Oct 2016): Ouroboros of Pisces