Vision & Goals





To generate high-valued agricultural and health products, invent and transfer new technologies and produce human capital in the field of biotechnology


To generate crops with improved yield and quality
To produce high-valued pharmaceutical, health and food products
To develop novel technologies transferable to the industrial sector
To train innovative and skilled technologists

Unique Features of this AoE

Worldwide population-based food and health problems especially in the densely populated China

Access to unique and elite Chinese plant germplasms through extensive collaboration networks with prestigious China institutes
China as the untimate and largest market


Highly innovative team members with excellent research records
State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
Critical mass wiht all necessary expertise
Global collaboration network

Advantages to Hong Kong
High-valued products and production platforms
Technology development and transfer
Manpower training


Making use of unique and elite Chinese germplasms
Application of state-of-the-art biotechnology techniques
Identification, isolation and utilization of important genes
Selection of significant and feasible prioritized projects as prototypes to develop research and production platforms