Prof. Samuel Sai-Ming Sun   (Director)
plant gene isolation, transformation, expression and regulation; plant bioreactior; rice genomics and molecular approaches to improve the yield and quality of important crop (rice)

Prof. Hon-Ming Lam    (Deputy Director)
soybean genomics and funcational genes identification; rice disease resistance and signaling

Prof. Jianhua Zhang
Plant physiology under environmental stresses; crop production under water-limited condition

Prof. Ming-Chiu Fung 
molecular immunology, haematology, parasitology

Prof. Liwen Jiang
plant cell biology; protein targeting; organelle biogenesis and biotechnology

Prof. Dianjing Guo
plant secondary metabolism; bioinformatics; system biology and plant stress response

Prof. Sai-Ming Ngai
proteomics and bioinformatics; protein/peptide structural and functional studies; research and development on modern Chinese Medicine

Prof. Junxian He
plant stress tolerance and signaling

Dr. Lucia Pui-Shan Liu ( Manager)
research planning; financial control; administration and management

Major local collaborators

Prof. Mee-Len Chye    and   Prof. Wing-Kin Yip
University of Hong Kong 

Major national/international collaborators

Prof. Minghong Gu and Prof. Qiaoquan Liu
Yangzhou University

Prof. Anthony Huang
University of California at Riverside, USA

Prof. Maurice Ku
National Chia-yi University, Taiwan
 Previously at Washington State University, Pullman, USA

Prof. Jiayang Li
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Xueyi Liu
Shanxi Academy of Agriculture

Prof. Guihua Shao, Prof. Ruzhen Chang, Prof. Qi Zhang, Prof. Kaijun Zhao, Prof. Cailin Lei
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Prof. Longping Yuan  and Prof. Xiaojin Wu
China National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center

Prof. Zongxiu Sun
China National Rice Research Institute