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Background to the establishment of the Centre
Food safety and quality have been a cause of concern to the public.  Many factors contribute to the known and emerging foodborne hazards.  More recently, the possible health effects of malachite green in fish, melamine in milk and milk products and certain food additives and contaminants (e.g. nitrites and nitrates) received much attention.

Drugs have both therapeutic and unwanted effects.  Pre-marketing studies cannot identify all potential side effects, especially when genetic factors are important.  The association between drug exposure and adverse events may be established only by post-marketing surveillance.  It is important to know the risk of serious adverse drug reactions, how to detect them early and how to prevent them.  Knowledge of genetically controlled variations in drug responses will allow selection of an appropriate drug and dose for the individual subject in order to achieve optimal therapeutic effect, avoid treatment failure and minimise toxicity.  Strategic plans to promote medication safety are also required in hospitals and the community.

Food and drug safety concern all of us because of the potential impact on public health and the obligation for healthcare professionals and scientists to provide advice and the scientific inputs to the community.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has the infrastructure, expertise and networking to lead the research in food and drug safety.  On 15 June 2005, the Centre for Food and Drug Safety, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大學醫學院食物及藥品安全研究中心) was established to facilitate the research in food and drug safety. The Director (Prof. Thomas Y.K. Chan) and the Associate Director (Prof. H.S. Kwan) will coordinate the activities of the Centre, with inputs and advice from local and overseas experts.
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