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Drug Safety

  • Read carefully the drug labels and pay attention to the dosage, timing, method of intake (internal or external use), effect, precaution and side-effect of the drug.
  • Take the drug according to instructions. Do not change the amount or frequency of the drug taken by yourself which might affect your recovery. Inadequate dose might delay treatment while overdose might lead to poisoning or even death.
  • Store your drug properly. Most drugs should be stored in a cool and dry place unless specified. Other specified drug should be kept in refrigerator but not freezer which might have an adverse effect on drug.
  • If itchiness, rashness, headache, stomachache or shortness of breath appears after taking medication, you should stop taking it and consult doctor immediately.
  • Do not take drug together with alcohol in order to avoid being poisoned.
  • Do not take drug without doctor's prescription and avoid taking expired or deteriorated drug.

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